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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Need Help and Support!

Hi everyone ..

I am aware, my objective is not very high, but my situation is not very easy. I have about 70 pounds when I was 15 (165 to 95). At the beginning I was dieting and exercise, but after a while, I was anorexic. After 2 years of not eating (I eat / drink when all 3 / 4 days and will be a low-fat milk in coffee or a piece of bread), to me in a hospital. Instead of dealing with my mental problem, they forced me to weight gain, which destroys everything, even more. Increase and I goes back 140 years. For some reason, I could not even food, I think I was very tired. I have all my confidence.

now I have energy again .. I want just enough weight to lose confidence in themselves, 19 years. I am very afraid of being anorexic, I again need the support of all.

in this way is one of the worst ways to choose and after a certain point, there is no return.

My goal is 120, although I would like to return to 110 - but I know when I'm looking scary 115. I need help from 120 and it will stop.

Please do not leave me alone.

Hey everyone

This is my first time on a diet. I want to eat all junk food and eat lots healtier. About a year ago I was at my time Low - 135lbs. Over the past year I have again and again what I had lost weight. I am currently in 170th

The difference between this year and last year was the work. Last year I worked as a housekeeper in a hotel with my head cut off all damn day. Currently I work as a junior for the repair of the local telephone company, which means that I am sitting at the computer 8-9 hours per day. The work pays well, but I'm sick of sitting on my day to do than to do nothing. Another problem is that I drink Rockstar energy drinks, like every morning, my dose of caffeine.

I plan to do is completely cut off energy drinks. But since I cut that would be a good replacement? Tea? Coffee? for lunch, I eat vegetables. for dinner, I'll eat the same meal, but in much smaller portions.

year is the tricky part. The only thing I really access to one of the bikes. few days a week, I have access to a Bowflex, but only if I'm home from my friend. Is there anything I can do? perhaps during

My goal is to get back to my lowest weight. I havent decided on a date but not yet.

Thanks for your help, guys.

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I need help and I am depressed!